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Tribute to Václav Havel in Prague 6 – Gala Opening

  • Where: Praha - Dejvice
  • When: October 5, 2016, 12:00 – December 18, 2016, 18:00

Celebration of what would have been the 80th birthday of the first Czech president, intended not only as a tribute from the citizens of Prague 6 to their famous co-citizen but above all as an expression of respect for a person who served freedom and democracy in an extraordinary way, his literary work and his lifelong work for human rights around the world.

An outdoor exhibition of large-scale photographs by Oldřich Škácha, prepared in cooperation with the Prague 6 Town Hall, the Václav Havel Library and Post Bellum, will be accompanied over the following weeks by a series of concerts, theatre performances, film screenings and other events involving the National Technical Museum, the theatres Dejvické divadlo, Divadlo Semafor, Divadlo na tahu, Klicperovo divadlo and Divadlo Sklep, and other institutions. The whole event runs until 18 December 2016 and looks set to be the most extensive commemoration of a life and body of work that to this day continue to inspire with an unexpected urgency.

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6. 11. Divadlo Semafor: The Beggar’s Opera, Divadlo na tahu production, directed by Andrej Krob

13. 11. Divadlo Semafor: Redevelopment, Klicperova divadla production, directed by Andrej Krob

17. 11. National Technical Library: Symphonic Salome, Prague Conservatoire Orchestra, conducted by Miriam Němcová

19. 11. Dejvické divadlo, Anti.kvariát: Five candles for Václav Havel, 3rd candle – The Macabre Rhymer, evening with the poet J. H. Krchovský

21. 11. Divadlo Semafor: Dejvická Live special: Václav Havel – The Man


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