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Zdeněk Urbánek: Creators of the World (An Anthology)

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Stvořitelé světa (výbor) (Creators of the World (An Anthology)) comprises six autobiographical reminiscences in prose by Zdeněk Urbánek (1917 – 2008) that vary in length and tone.

These six prose pieces of various lengths and tones by Zdeněk Urbánek (1917 – 2008) recall girlfriends, friends, relatives and others less close among whom Urbánek, a prose writer, critic, essayist and translator from English, lived. The author presents not only captivating portraits of some family members, artist friends and war heroes; he also depicts strangely warped characters such as Václav Řezáč and Zdeněk Nejedlý. And all of this by means of language and composition that are expansive and perhaps complicated but never without purpose; Václav Havel wrote of his style that “we immediately recognise it”.


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