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Child protection policy
Václav Havel Library, Foundation Fund (VHL)


This Child Protection Policy outlines the principles and guidelines that all employees, associates, and volunteers of the Václav Havel Library (VHL) must adhere to in order to ensure the safety, well-being, and rights of children (child = any person younger than 18 years) participating in our activities. Our organization is committed to upholding the highest ethical and moral standards in all interactions involving children and is dedicated to fostering an environment of respect, dignity, and inclusivity.


Respect for Childrens Rights: Employees, associates, and volunteers must be familiar with and uphold children’s rights as outlined in international conventions and laws. Children have to be treated with respect, and their dignity, identity, and privacy must be safeguarded at all times.

Equality and Non-Discrimination: All children, regardless of their background, gender, nationality, or any other characteristic, have to be treated equally and without discrimination.

Ethical Standards: The Václav Havel Library maintains high ethical and moral standards, which all members of the team and associates must adhere to: mutual respect, dialogue, shared values, and belief in the organization’s mission are fundamental. The Václav Havel Library has adopted its own Code of Ethics, which it has implemented in its activities, and which is publicly available. 

Implementation guidelines

Professional Preparation: Educational activities for children are designed by professionals. VHL is working with local experts in the field, activities are tailored to the developmental level of the children involved.

Consent and Privacy: Audiovisual documentation involving children requires the consent of both the children and their parents or guardians. Materials must portray children in a positive light and respect their privacy.

Data Processing: The processing of children's data requires consent from both the children and their parents or guardians and is conducted in accordance with the organization's privacy policy.

Reporting and Intervention: Any observed instances of harm to children must be promptly reported to the Director of the Václav Havel Library, which will then intervene and involve relevant officials or services as necessary.

Recruitment Procedures: Employees, associates, and volunteers who will have contact with children undergo all necessary checks. This includes assessing their competencies, attitudes towards children, and any history of criminal offenses related to child safety.
Training and Collaboration: Partners of the Václav Havel Library hosting volunteers must provide training on child safety rules.

Contractual Obligations: Child safety provisions are incorporated into contracts for activities involving children.

Oversight and Reporting

Management Supervision: The VHL Management oversees the implementation of this policy and ensures its adherence throughout the organization.

Reporting Concerns: Any concerns regarding the implementation of this policy should be reported to the VHL Managing Director.

Policy Development

This Child Protection Policy is developed in accordance with established standards, including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and in consultation with relevant civil society organizations specializing in children’s rights.


VHL is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children participating in our activities. This Child Protection Policy serves as a framework to guide our actions and commitments towards upholding children’s rights, ensuring their well-being, and preventing harm in all forms.

On behalf of VHL:
Karolina Stranska, COO, in charge of management of the Fund
May 2024