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Paul Wilson at the Czech Embassy in London

26. květen 2014


Paul Wilson, translator, editor, writer and former member of the rock band Plastic People of the Universe was a highly entertaining speaker at the BCSA meeting on May 22nd at the Czech Embassy.

After a warm welcome from Ambassador Zantovsky, Paul Wilson took his audience through his friendships with Ivan Jirous, Josef Skvorecky and Vaclav Havel. His insight into their characters and their significance in the struggle against the communist regime of the 70s was both personal and fascinating.

Paul Wilson’s talk was illustrated by a superbly evocative selection of photos, compiled specially for the occasion from his personal collection. These included the Plastic People in druidic robes, Alexander Dubcek kissing Leonid Brezhnev and delightful informal images of Havel.

The BCSA event was held in association with the new Vaclav Havel Library in Prague where Paul Wilson had been speaking a few days earlier. The website is comprehensive and well worth a visit.

A lively question session followed the talk before a vote of thanks to Paul from Mike Ivory and sustained applause from a most enthusiastic audience who included a number of new young faces. Everyone then welcomed the chance to talk informally with Paul and his wife Patricia over refreshments.

Julian Wilde who chaired the meeting praised the hospitality and hard work of the Embassy staff which was greatly appreciated at the end of a busy week which had begun with Sir Nicholas Winton’s 105th birthday party.


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