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Screening of documentary Bigger Than Trauma

  • Kde: Knihovna Václava Havla, Ostrovní 13, Praha 110 00
  • Kdy: 9. říjen 2023, 19:00 – 21:00

Projection and a discussion with the director and co-author Vedrana Pribačić

3 women discovering who they could be without the trauma they're identified with, and it’s changing their life and relations, through unconventional healing program. Women whose families were killed in Croatian war for independence; who were tortured and raped but survived kept silent for 25 years. Till now. The slowness of the justice system, the agonizing process of fact-finding in legal proceedings, the inadequate government support and eventual stuffing with tranquilizers– pushed these women to the edge of their physical and mental strength, ruined their marriages, led them to internal isolation and illness. Despite all that and the fact that they still live in the vicinity to their abusers- former friends and schoolmates, these women are getting their power back. Determined to change their lives to better, they've turned to new healing methods, all focused on the solution, not the cause. For 3 years the film follows 3 women connecting with their deepest truths during the unconventional strengthening program, but also in their homes, villages and cities where they live. 

Today, the discovery of who they could be without the trauma they're identified with, is changing their life and relations. Film has received 19 international and domestic film and audience awards. 

The discussion will be moderated by Ian Willoughby.

The film and discussion afterwards will be in English without translation. 


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