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Kaiser Kuo – In the Heart of the Chinese Underground

  • Kde: Knihovna Václava Havla, Ostrovní 13, Praha 110 00
  • Kdy: 17. květen 2018, 19:00 – 21:00

In 1988, Kaiser Kuo graduated from college and headed to Beijing determined to discover, and to participate in, the rock music scene he was certain was then nascent in China. Early the next year, he had co-founded the band Tang Dynasty, which emerged as the first and still the best-known heavy metal band in China.

Over the next nearly 30 years, Kuo was involved in Beijing's rock music scene, first in Tang Dynasty and then in another band, Spring & Autumn (Chunqiu). Though he worked as a journalist and at some of China's most important internet companies, he kept one foot firmly in the world of rock. And along the way, he learned a lot about transculturation, about contemporary culture in China, about Chinese nationalism, and about the enduring appeal of heavy metal. He shares his experiences in this talk.

The event is moderated by Martin Hala and Kateřina Procházková.   

Organised by the Václav Havel Library in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and Sinopsis


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