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Dagmar Havlova 

22. 3. 1953 Brno
wife of the former President of the Czech Republic

Dagmar Havlová

Dagmar Havlová is also a member of Femmes d'Europe, an international charity organization based in Brussels, and is the honorary chairperson of the Society for the Protection of the National Library in Prague. She founded the botanical garden at Lany Castle which is open to visitors and contains plants and trees that were contributed by well known people from the Czech Republic and from around the world. She is instrumental in the development of a program for the prevention of cancer of the large intestine and is supporting the Home of the Holy Family for mentally handicapped youth in Prague - Liboc. In 1997, she performed in seven benefit performances of "Queen Kristina", in which she helped raise over 4 million Czech crowns for the construction of homes for seniors for those affected by the flooding in Moravia. She is an active participant in the fight against racial intolerance and discrimination. She supports the Roma minority. She is a member of the board of directors of the Academy of Musical Arts, is a member of Account of Difficult Operations, a member of Computers Against Barriers by Charter 77, honorary chairwoman of Society for Vitezslava Kapralova. She gives her patronage to many cultural and health projects.

Dagmar Havlova established an award given by the Foundation of Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Vize '97 for Czech as well as international intellectuals, those who have helped to broaden the human horizon with their work.