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19.09.2008 Boston Globe and Bergensavisen - "The Real Problem in North Korea"
Human Rights in North Korea
26.05.2008 Project Syndicate - “Referendum Farce in Burma”
Situation in Burma
21.03.2008 Project Syndicate - "Tibet’s Peace of the Grave"
Situation in Tibet
28.09.2007 Project Syndicate - "In the coming days"
Situation in Burma/Myanmar
25.09.2007 International Herald Tribune/New York Times - "The Planet is not at risk. We are"
Climatic changes and human responsibility
22.08.2007 The Guardian - "At stake in Sudan"
10.10.2005 Voice - "European Responsibility, a Common Project"
Vision responsible Europe Project
15.06.2005 The Washington Post - 'A Rose for the 'Unfree'
A birthday Aung San Suu Kyi
19.04.2005 Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies - About Arthur Miller
16.11.2004 Project Syndicate - "What Communism Still Teaches Us"
Fall of the communism