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10.10.2005 Voice - "European Responsibility, a Common Project"
Vision responsible Europe Project
15.06.2005 The Washington Post - 'A Rose for the 'Unfree'
A birthday Aung San Suu Kyi
19.04.2005 Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies - About Arthur Miller
16.11.2004 Project Syndicate - "What Communism Still Teaches Us"
Fall of the communism
24.06.2004 Various printed media - "North Korean Gulag: Kwan-li-so"
Human Rights in North Korea
24.06.2004 The New York Times - „Strangling Democracy“
Human Rights in Zimbabwe
19.03.2004 Various printed media - "Belarus - our new neighbour"
European union and Belarus
2004 The Economist, World in 2004 - „A new impetus for old Europe“
Enlargement of the European Union
12/2003 Proposal presented at press conference - "ArcadEUropea"
The urbanistic project to the Prague Castle
12.10.2003 The Washington Post - "The Soul of a Nation"
Human Rights in Burma/Myanmaar