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10.12.2010 Verdens Gang (Norvey) and Hospodarske noviny (Czech Republic) - Dear Liu Xiaobo
Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo
20.09.2010 New York Times, International Herald Tribune - "A Nobel Prize for a Chinese Dissident"
Support of Mr Liu Xiaobo to the Nobel Peace Prize
02.09.2010 Project Syndicate - "Civilian dictators remain dictators"
Elections in Burma
05/2010 Project Syndicate - "Killing Justice in Russia"
Violance against Russian oposition
18.01.2010 Project Syndicate - "A Chinese Champion of Peace and Freedom"
Support of Mr Liu Xiaobo and Charter 08
15.06.2009 Project syndicate - "The Ghost of Appeasement"
Relation European Union - Cuba
10.05.2009 New York Times - "A Table for Tyrans"
UN Human Rights Council
15.04.2009 Project Syndicate - "Open up Tibet's trials"
Tibetans sentenced to death
19.09.2008 Boston Globe and Bergensavisen - "The Real Problem in North Korea"
Human Rights in North Korea
26.05.2008 Project Syndicate - “Referendum Farce in Burma”
Situation in Burma