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Visits and Meetings 

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07.11.1996 The Discussion of the Former Dissidents FAZIT: Berlin, Germany
05.11.1996 Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of Italy
31.10.1996 Karsten Voight, President of the North-Atlantic Assembly
28.10.1996 El-Hassan ibn Talal, Crown Prince of Jordan; Prague, Kladruby nad Labem
22.10.1996 Members of the National Council of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland
22.10.1996 Wolfgang Gerhardt, Chairman of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP)
11.10.1996 Shankar Dayal Sharma, President of the Republic of India
09.10.1996 Oskar Lafontaine, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and Minister-President of the Saarland
08.10.1996 Akezan Kazegeldin, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Lany Chateau
04.10.1996 Sayako, Princess of Japan
27.09.1996 The Republic of Argentina: Buenos Aires
26.09.1996 The Oriental Republic of Uruguay: Montevideo
22.09.1996 The Republic of Chile: Honga Roa, Santiago de Chile
15.09.1996 The Federative Republic of Brazil: Brasília, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo
13.09.1996 Roman Herzog, President of the Federal Republic of Germany. German Theatre Festival in Prague