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Visits and Meetings 

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13.12.1997 The Extended Summit of the European Council; Luxembourg
03.12.1997 Szeto Wah, Hong Kong human rights activist (Head of the Office of the President Ivan Medek on behalf of the President)
27.11.1997 Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, Lany Chateau
24.10.1997 Acceptance of the Prince of Asturias Award; Oviedo, Madrid, Spain
22.10.1997 Abdullah Bin Tallal al Hussain, Prince of Jordan (Head of the Office of the President Ivan Medek on behalf of the President)
20.10.1997 Ismet Sezgin, Minister of Defence of Turkey
20.10.1997 Chairmen of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of the Central and East European Countries
13.10.1997 Árpád Göncz, President of the Republic of Hungary
09.10.1997 Summit Meeting of the Council of Europe; Strasbourg, France
09.10.1997 Acceptance of Cino del Duca Award; Paris, France
02.10.1997 Acceptance of the Fulbright Prize; Washington D.C., New York City, United States (A private visit)
24.09.1997 Palestinian Autonomies; Bethlehem
22.09.1997 State of Israel; Jerusalem, Ramat Negev, Dead See, Tel Aviv
20.09.1997 Jordan Hasemite Kingdom; Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum
19.09.1997 Lebanon; Beirut