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Visits and Meetings 

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20.12.2000 Thomas Klestil, President of the Republic of Austria
13.12.2000 Belarusian oposition representatives
21.11.2000 Milo Djukanovic, President of Montenegro
13.11.2000 Constantinos Stefanopoulos, President of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)
07.11.2000 The working meeting with Jorge Sampaio, President of the Portuguese Republic (for the convalescence on Portugal)
30.10.2000 Charles, Prince of Wales; Prague, Ostra u Lyse nad Labem, Vyskov, Brno
24.10.2000 Albert II., King of Belgium and Queen Paola; Prague, Ostrava, Opava
15.10.2000 Forum 2000 Conference; multireligious assembly at the St.Vitus Cathedral
10.10.2000 Republic of Turkey; Ankara, Izmir, Efes, Selcuk, Istanbul
23.09.2000 "Prague, the Place for Dialogue" a panel discussion concerning the problems of globalization (55th Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group in Prague)
20.09.2000 Jicchak Navon, Former President of the State of Israel
20.09.2000 Jacob Zuma, Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa
04.09.2000 The Millenium Summit; United States of America, New York, Ann Arbor
31.07.2000 Horst Köhler, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fond
26.07.2000 Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland